Agent Banking

About Exim bank Agent banking

Following the issuance of Agent Banking regulations in July 2017 by Bank of Uganda Exim Bank has embarked on rolling out Agency Banking to give mileage in tapping the unbanked communities to strengthen its brand and create greater value through;

  • Expanding into market segments that have the greatest potential and opportunities for growth and revenue.
  • Extending access to its products & services to new and unbanked populations through efficient and more effective delivery channel.

Therefore, Agency banking refers to situations where Exim Bank recruits other businesses with a scattered presence to offer banking services on our behalf subject to Bank of Uganda approval.

Under agency banking, customers can deposit and withdraw cash at locations such as supermarkets, shops and fuel stations around the country.

Agency Locations shall provide normal banking services such as cash deposits and withdrawals, account opening origination, Utility payments, transfer of funds origination and the issuing of mini bank statements, all through the shared facilities.

Customer Perks and Benefits

Service. Through our Agent network, we will provide professional, timely and friendly service. We will treat customers with fairness and in an ethical manner.
Security & Privacy. We will ensure that our customers enjoy secure and reliable banking. All customer information will be treated as private and confidential.
Support. All customer queries will be responded to during working hours through our branch network, Call center helpline and WhatsApp.
Information. We will provide clear, relevant and timely information and help you make informed decisions about your financial needs.
Access. Our customers will access their money easily and conveniently through our Agents, ATMs and branches.

Services At Agent Points

  • Cash deposit and withdrawal
  • Payment services including bill payments
  • Processing collections (C2B)
  • Interbank & Intra bank money transfers
  • Facilitating loan applications & repayments
  • Payment of retirement and social benefits
  • Collection & forwarding of documents for account opening or applications for payment instruments
  • Balance inquiry
  • Provision of mini statements
  • Provision of a communication and distribution channel for the principal
  • Any other activity as the central bank may approve