The EXIM Visa Prepaid Card

The card strives to bring convenience and digitize money transactions for both customers and non-customers of the Bank.
The Card combines the convenience of a credit or debit card and allows the customer to set their own spending limit.
The card can be used to transact globally and supports transactions in up to five currencies including UGX and USD with the card ceiling being UGX 25Million or USD 15,000.

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Benefits of Prepaid Cards to the Customer

  • Flexibility to make purchases in different currencies without facing cross currency costs.
  • Flexibility to carry 5 currencies on a single card
  • Convenience of electronic payments on Card and Online transactions
  • Good budgeting tool in managing spending.
  • No account opening required.
  • An ideal alternative to carrying cash – safe and secure.
  • Debit card holders afraid of using their debit cards on the Internet for purchases may obtain a Prepaid Card which can be used solely for that purpose and is not linked to their domicile account.
  • Flexibility to load the card unlimited times.
  • Easy access to your money through all VISA points internationally – ATMs/POS/Online POS.


    The card is Visa branded meaning it is internationally accepted in all Visa acceptance points.
  • Cards can be used for ATM, POS and online transactions
  • PIN protected with CHIP technology making it safe and secure to use
  • 100% online authorization therefore reducing the risk of exceeding authorized limit.
  • Cards are reloadable.
  • Balance enquiry.
  • SMS transaction alert notification.
  • Card to card funds transfer.
  • Card portal.
  • Top of prepaid card using mobile banking.

Application Processing

The request and approval process is as follows:-
  • Customer completes Application Form and submits to Customer Service Officer (CSO) with valid identification document.
  • CSO at the branch checks correctness and completeness of Application Form and also, to ensure that all the mentioned fields relating to know your customer (KYC) has been stated. a. Name
    b. Surname
    c. ID card Number
    d. Postal address
    e. Geographical address
    f. Telephone number
    g. Mobile phone number
  • CSO request the customer to present the original of his ID document: National ID card or Certificate of identity or Passport of which we will keep compulsorily a cop.
  • Stamps the form of request for subscription. Records the subscription in the register provided for this.
  • CSO captures Customer details in GTP System and link customer to a card. The registration process gets completed with maker and checker controls.
  • CSO hands over envelope containing card and PIN. Obtains customer signature in the card and PIN register.