Exim Online Banking

Features & Benefits

As an Exim customer, you can do the following;

  • Check Account Balance
  • View and print Bank Statements
  • Make Fund Transfers within Exim and other Local and International Banks (EFT, RTGS and TTs)
  • Make Bulk Mobile Money transfers
  • Make Bulk payments e.g Salary payments,
  • Pay URA & NSSF
  • Request and Stop Cheques
  • Make, Amend, and Cancel standing instructions
  • Trade facilities
  • Account Opening
  • Loan facilities
  • Forex
  • and so much more!


  • Own Exim Account
  • Other Exim Accounts
  • Other Bank (EFT & RTGS)
  • TTs
  • Mobile Money


  • Check your Account Statements and Loans facility details – with highlights on the interest rates, interest accrued, principal outstanding, monthly repayment amounts and others.
  • View and print Bank Statements


  • Pay URA & NSSF
  • Pay Salaries
  • Pay Suppliers
  • etc.

Access your account anywhere anytime 24/7.

    It is Convenient, Fast and Very Safe *

Important Note:

The user ID is locked after three unsuccessful logins. In that case, please contact Customer Service at customerservice@eximbank-ug.com and place your request.