Through our strategic partnerships in the insurance industry, we offer a full bouquet of traditional and innovative insurance products and services to all our Personal, Business and Corporate customers. Our specialist staff and partnerships within the industry provide our customers with a “one-stop shop” for both Banking and Insurance needs.

For details on agriculture insurance, please contact us through any of our branches.
This is a financing product which allows you to finance your annual insurance premium.
Coverage for physical loss or damage to property for all civil engineering works.
Cover is provided for cash, cheques and safes kept at the insured premises.
This is a World-wide 24-hour cover recommended for your staff.
Marine insurance provides automatic cover to your shipments whilst being transported from/to anywhere in the world.
With this cover there is an additional benefit of mobility, thus covering the property.
Fire Consequential Loss insurance must be taken up together with a Fire (Material Damage) policy.
Provides insurance for clients’ residential and commercial Properties.
Provides insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, other road vehicles and assets.
This is a life insurance plan where the sum assured is paid at certain intervals.
A life insurance product that is designed for people who are keen on return on Investment.
Covering individuals, Groups or Organization employees while traveling.
Enables parents or guardians to accumulate funds towards funding their child's future education payments.
Get the Exim Bank Medical Insurance and let us help you to get fast access to expert medical care.
Cover most, if not all, funeral expenses in the event of an unexpected death of a family member.